September Start Up COVID-19 Update Checklist

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  • Health and Safety Checklist

    Complete this checklist to ensure your H&S standards are in place as per the Ministry of Education’s COVID-19 Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 Settings (Aug 24)
  • Environmental Measures

  • Note: Frequently touched surfaces include: *Items used by larger numbers of students and staff, including doorknobs, light switches, hand railings, water fountains, faucet handles, toilet handles. *Shared equipment (e.g. computer keyboards and tablets, glassware and testing equipment for science labs, kitchen equipment for culinary programs, sewing machines and sewing equipment for home economic programs, PE/sports equipment, music equipment, etc.) * Appliances (staff and students can share the use of appliances and other objects, but treat items like microwaves, refrigerators, coffee pots, photocopiers or laminators as frequently touched surfaces) * Service counters (e.g., office service window, library circulation desk)
  • Administrative Measures

  • Although public health no longer recommends learning groups and physical distancing of 2M as communicable disease measures for the K-12 setting, there are a number of strategies that schools can consider to help create space between people and to support students and staff in returning to school using a trauma-informed approach
  • Personal Measures

  • Personal Protective Equipment